Great songs come and go, some stay engraved in our minds forever just like some become  lost in the archives, Waiting for the day  where organisations like CLB Music reintroduce you to classics that had you on the dance floor. Some of the songs that make this entry may lead you to debate but this is our top 10 picks for songs you totally forgot about.

10 - Alicia Keys (Falling)

2001 saw the release of this timeless classic, whilst compiling this list for you, we came across this one & we just had to put it in. You can thank us later for this entry!

9 - Always on Time (Ja Rule & Alshanti)

Yet again another timeless classic & one which we believe deserves a place in this list. You may recognise the lyrics from a newer version called Decline (RAYE & MR Eazi).

8 - stay high ( Tove Lo & Truth Serum)

One of the more recent entries that makes up our list sees this absolute tune re-enter your music library. Have a listen and see whether you get hooked.

7 - Break your heart (Taio Cruz)

Surely one of the biggest tunes from the 00's we definitely couldn't leave out Taio Cruz with this absolute banger. Again if you haven't got this one in your library we recommend adding it.

6 - Written in the stars (Tinie Tempah)

It's been absolutely years since we last saw a banger released by Tinie, the late 00's & early 10's saw some of the most iconic and forgotten tracks, one of which is surely Written in the stars.

5 - survivor (Destiny's Child)

A group containing pure musical talent, Survivor has to be up there with one of the best songs released by the all female fronted group. Released in 2001 this song is one which may have been forgotten but one which remains a favourite worldwide.

4 - Begging (Madcon

Released in 2007, CLB Music are choosing the original to make our pick for songs you forgot about. This one remains a fan favourite but is one we thought you may need some prompting for.

3 - Mr Saxo Beat (Alex Stan)

At Number 3 is Mr Saxo beat, We can't say anything more to give this song the justice it needs. One we recommend for any Garden parties.

2 - Watcha say - (Jason Derulo)

Yes thats right the king of Tik Tok makes the number 2 spot with Watcha Say. Originally released 11 years ago, this track still deserves a place in your music library and thats exactly why we're giving you this gentle reminder.

1 - I Like It - Pitbull

Completing our Top 10 is this song which saw a collaboration between Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias. A track that never fails to take you to the dance-floor, we hope you enjoyed our picks.

All titles selected in the post are in a generic order and are not ranked on their popularity. We hope you enjoy this article & look forward to sharing more great, quality content like this.