Once again CLB Music bring to you more great music by emerging talent. In our spotlight today we're focusing on American HipHop artist C Rex.

This upcoming talent has a whole host of music in his collection already, having released 10 MixTapes & most recently his debut EP (RED) which was released at the backend of 2019. This emerging talent is quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion & for us at CLB Music developing into a very exciting prospect. C Rex came to the attention of CLB Music with his track (My Last). This track forms part of the (RED) EP.

C Rex can be described primarily as a HipHop artist who brings elements of R&B to his music creating a very unique sound transporting you through the 90's through to the modern day. Listening to his music you will become innovated by his story as he speaks the truths, love & pain he has experienced.

Currently C Rex is in the process of releasing his second EP (RED Chronicles) at present there is no confirmed date for its release however we will keep you posted on future developments. At this time we ask you to take a few moments to check out (My Last) by C Rex. It's an absolute Tune, we promise you won't regret it!

Thanks for Checking out C Rex with his song (My Last). We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.

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