As many of you are aware the internet is a massive place loaded with loads of cool places to drop your tracks, albums and other musical creations. In addition some of these sites offer you the chance to build connections with people who are either interested in your craft or individuals who can enable you to advance in your career/hobby within the Music Industry. 

Another really cool thing about some of these sites is the fact that you are able to monitor the analytics of your music. so in essence you can see exactly who is listening to your music! Finally the ability to gain feedback is another cool feature which most of these sites offer, to you as a creator this is invaluable and this is possibly the most important and influential way that you are going to improve your craft!

The vast majority of readers will have probably visited most of the sites that we have listed below but for those of you who are about to or thinking of launching a career within the Music Industry, we hope that you have found this article helpful!








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