CLB Music are delighted to eventually drop this artist profile! Meet TylerMade a HipHop/Rap artist from London (UK). This artist has been on the Music scene spanning a period of over 10 years. In this time Tyler has written and recorded 1 EP (Made In The CP) & as of September 2019 released his Debut album titled (MindMonsters(. 

Tyler has been writing lyrics since a teen, regularly attending open Mic venues across North London. Recently Tyler dropped his much anticipated 1st Studio album (MindMonsters) this came 2 years on from his 1st official EP (Made In The CP).

Over time Tyler has been perfecting his Craft, His overall sound can be condensed into Clever Word play, attitude, raw emotion and Acoustic sound to create smooth sounding vibes!

Both the EP & album were met with great reaction & feedback both online & verbally! CLB Music agree that the MindMonsters album shows a clear jump in quality, not only from Tylers writing & delivery but on the production front as well. Speaking exclusively to CLB Music Tyler said "the album has received some great feedback, I'm always looking to improve & build connections".

Check out the song below from the MindMonsters album. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we did!

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