Angela Powis is an English (Pop Music - Singer-Songwriter) who currently resides in the vibrant city of (Worcester, UK). Angela started her venture into music later than most however has been turning heads with her thought provoking music for several years. 

Angela has always been a gifted writer however has only started performing relatively recently, she had dabbled in a few Karaoke sessions beforehand, however it wasn't until a specific set where she thought that this could go so much further. Angela was quoted as saying "I have always been a keen writer but I never had much to do with performing music growing up,, I didn't even know I could Sing. I'm really excited for what's to come and I hope my music can inspire and help others". 

This gifted musician has blossomed over the last few years, her music is filled with, heart, soul and healing. Angela's songs bring a sense of closeness, healing, positivity and acceptance. You as the listener will find yourselves mesmerised with her unique style which brings a close connection between You and Angela, giving the impression you're reading the words straight from her diary.

To date, Angela has released a number of different songs which thanks to people like (You) our readers, have aided in-attracting more attention. CLB Music are excited to exclusively bring to you Angela's newest release titled ((MOONBEAM). This is truly a fantastic track that emphasises all of Angela's unique qualities. We promise its been worth the wait, and its one you don't want to miss!

Go On! You Know You Want To! Check Out MoonBeam By Angela Powis Below!

CLB Music hopes you enjoyed listening to and reading about Angela Powis. Angela is active on Social Media and uploads regularly. We highly recommend that you connect with her on the social links below, where you can also stream her latest release (MOONBEAM).