Next up on the CLB Music platform is a very exciting prospect! Meet Courtney,  a very talented Singer-Songwriter currently residing in the South Coastal area of the UK. Courtney has been involved in music from a very young age  and has continued her passion into adulthood, mastering and perfecting her craft, this sensation has so much more to offer. To date this emerging talent has some impressive achievements including, coming 3rd & 2nd place in the (UTUK Bristol) and (UTUK Croydon) talent shows respectively.    

Courtney can be best described as an original songwriter, the art of writing her own songs not an easy process by any means but one that the singer described to CLB Music as her happy place, she went on to say, "Music has always been my happy place, its helped me through some very dark times and I was really thankful I had that to help me get through it". The  artist has  a very powerful and elegant voice which captures the imagination of the listener, her elevating and on point vocals will be sure to keep you mesmerised all the way through to the end. 

CLB Music's attention was drawn to Courtney with her very recent release titled (Undead). This song carries the tones of alternative pop mixed down   with melismatic vocals which have smashed this song out of the park. 

Stop Right There!  It Is Time To Check Out Courtney With the sneak preview of her song (UnDead)

CLB Music Hope you enjoyed reading this article and  listening to (Undead) by Courtney Benham. If you did, Courtney can be found playing gigs across, London, Portsmouth, Fareham & Bristol to name a few. To stay up to date with Courtney and where she is playing, make sure to connect with her on the Socials listed below!