CLB Music are excited to introduce you to  Anya, a very talented Musician    from Vancouver (Canada). Anya specialises in various genres of Music of which  include Pop, Acoustic and Opera to name a few.

We first have to go all the way back to her birth where the Artist was prematurely born subsequently leading to her losing her sight. Since this point she has had to overcome many barriers in life to give herself an even chance against her peers whilst studying but also in everyday society.

On the 6th of May 2017 Anya took her musical career to the next level, eventually putting her unique talent to work when she dropped her Debut EP - Glass Walls. The EP features 4 Tracks which all have a personal meaning to the artist. The EP was written after an argument Anya had with fellow family members about how Young Girls, Women and people with disabilities are perceived in modern day society! After this point Anya Joined up with Legendary Producer (Jeff Dawson) to Create the Glass Walls EP. Jeff's most notable work was being the man behind Daniel Powter's hit song (Bad Day 2005). 

Since the release of the Glass Walls EP Anya has been turning many heads in the industry. At the time of writing, the Glass. Walls EP has seen over 4,000 views/plays on all mainstream platforms & over 300 downloads worldwide!

You know you want to! Click the Link below to check out Glass Walls by Anya!

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