Here at CLB we are proud to introduce you to another one of our upcoming talents! Meet Ellie a very talented Singer-Songwriter from the heart of the Valleys, (South Wales).

Since Ellie dropped onto the Music Scene back in 2016 she has released Two Singles and collaborated on another track with Hip-Hop artist (TylerMade). At the time of writing Ellie's Two Singles, (Lights Out London and Should Know Better) are the second and third most played tracks across the CLB Music platform respectively achieving a combined 4,000 plays!

Ellie's dynamic range of vocals with a tender sweetness are what make this artist so Unique! This is best shown off in (Lights Out London). Ellie has the ability to keep the listener engaged and craving more of the sweet lingering melody which surely will become engraved in your mind after listening to her tracks! If one thing is for sure this is definitely an artist worth looking out for in the near coming future!

Have a listen to the track below!

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