It's never an ideal time to have to fight internet trolls on social media let alone doing it when you are not feeling well. This week saw Hayley doing just that, fighting back against sexist haters who criticised her for postponing 4 of her shows due to Hayley being ill, later which she revealed to be a Lung infection. 

One internet troll remarked that Williams was "whiney" and that  (Foo Fighters) singer Dave Grohl came back on stage and performed after falling and breaking his leg (2015). Hayley wrote back "I have a lung infection you soft S***, not a broken limb. Worry not, the shows weren't cancelled, merely postponed. Maybe you should come to one of them like Dave did".

Since the Illness Hayley shared the following, "Internet bros have been pressed by my proximity to rock music and all its Sub-genres since 2005," she wrote on instagram according to People. Williams went on to add "the only thing that's changed is the platform from which they spew their ignorance, don't think for a second your fav bands, metal, punk or otherwise endorse your weird incel ass lifestyle. So many of these bands have stood side stage at our shows and treat us with respect. Why ? Because they aren't threatened  by a strong woman, front a great band  in a completely different genre of music". 

Adding to an originally posted feed by Hayley she said "in all seriousness  this past week has been  really tough, nobody would know this but I started getting really sick in Houston - non contagious, and muscled my way, all the way through LA. Adrenalin is a wonder, but by the time the excitement and the nerves from all the LA shenanigans wore off, my body just gave out". 

On the 22nd July the band postponed a gig in San Francisco  just hours before the show was to start. They then postponed 3 other shows which included, Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City. Hayley was quoted in a recently posted health update as saying "we kick back up in Tulsa! After a week of misery, sadness and bellyfuls of antibiotics.  This statement referring to the groups 29th July gig in Tulsa. 

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