Katy Perry has provided fans with an update on writing new material for her next album release.  Speaking in a new interview the much loved pop star said, that despite not releasing new material since the birth of her daughter Daisy, she has continued to write songs. Katy's last album was released in 2020 titled (Smile). 

In the interview with Good Morning America,  Perry was quoted as saying " I think that I'm writing a lot and have written a lot from a place of love because I'm feeling so much of it - so much unconditional love, that love you never knew existed".  Katy went on to add "I'm always writing, I have been, but I think what's really  important 

 to me is to be celebrating the world that I've got to build with all of these wonderful songs and to be responsible for a life for a 3 year old. I will be back but let me get this right". 

Katy has recently indicated through announcement that she will mark the anniversaries of her first 3 albums, (One of the Boys 2008, Teenage Dream 2010 and Prism 2013). These are to be marked with a new boxset and 2 unreleased songs later this year.

Released on October 20th, the CATalog collectors edition will comprise of never before seen photos, behind the scenes content, new unreleased songs and limited edition vinyls. If that isn't enough for you, there will be extra bonus materials for you to get your hands on too!

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