Phoebe Bridgers has revealed that when she was a High School student she shaved her head after being inspired by the late but absolutely great Sinead O'Connor. 

O'Connor a much beloved Singer and Activist was  aged 56 when she   passed away  at her home in London on the 26th July 2023. The cause of death is not currently known however Police are not treating the manner of death as suspicious. Many figures from the Music industry have since paid tribute, some of which include Garbage, Billy Corgan & Fall Out Boy to name a few.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Solo act and Boygenius  member Phoebe was quoted as saying "I was heartbroken when I first learnt of her death. I probably first heard her music thanks to my Mom who had and still has the greatest music tastes. Before I knew of her music, I knew that she was a revolutionary, I was obsessed with her and with the (Nothing Compares To You) video". Bridgers continued "I even had a very, very short shaved head whilst at High School. I definitely shaved it for her, I have the worst shaved head so you can believe me when I say that there are not many people I would do something like that for". 

As a tribute to Sinead, CLB Music thought it would be fitting to leave a link to the timeless classic (Nothing Compares to You). 

If you would like to read more about what Phoebe had to say about Sinead, please visit NME by clicking the Link